Trauma-Sensitive Care

I have suffered personal & generational depression. I have also experienced remarkable life-changing benefits from practicing simple, science-based tools & techniques permitting me to calm reactive emotions & self-regulate moment by moment, eyes wide open, immeasurably enriching my life experience, relationships & opportunities. I find joy every day in showing up and more effectively managing change, challenges & adversity. You can too. As a HeartMath® Certified Master Trainer & Mentor, I’ve facilitated corporations, government agencies, & social service organizations, in support of healing and emerging from mental health challenges, domestic violence and incarceration.

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Trauma can feel like resistance to growth. Although you may experience feelings of being stuck, there are lots of reasons to feel hopeful and motivated. You have a story. What happened to you matters, yet what matters more is how you make sense of what happened to you. The process of making sense involves gaining clarity in your heart, your head and your gut, your internal senses. 

In a safe environment, we will explore becoming more familiar with your heart and how it influences your head and your gut in the most effective way. I will co-regulate with you through the process. From me you can expect kindness, compassion, honesty, humor, appreciation, curiosity, creativity, flexibility, & patience. Let’s work together to appreciate your inherent intelligent nature and trustworthiness that got you to this point. Let’s appreciate your resilience, and build your skillset to best serve you now.

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"Thank YOU Meg, that experience was so profound in ways that go much deeper than what I could express. Feeling help and cared for, in what to me would have been ultimate shame spiral in the past (that I would have needed weeks to recover from), taught me that I have the capacity to shift and reset now, go back in my heart and feel the care of others around me who DO care for me, and use that as energy to continue to do good in the world."

— Anonymous 2021

"Meg Hogan has become such an important part of Red Tent Women's Initiative through her Heartmath Resilience Classes inside the Pinellas County Jail and in our community support groups. The women are amazed at the difference the tools she empowers them with make in their lives. I believe in my heart that we all benefit from the work she has been doing with the women of Red Tent!"

— Barbara Rhode, LMFT, Founder Red Tent Women’s Initiative, 2017

"We were shown techniques to help ourselves without leaving the office. We all knew how our minds were in overload, but now we were seeing in front of us (emWave technology) the effect of just revisiting a mildly traumatic experience. Then we learned and practiced how to care (for) and appreciate ourselves, how to feel better, and ready, and replenished…how to find balance and be able to handle stressful situations better. It was a great, positive experience. I have hope and tools to continue doing my best for myself and for others."

— KMAS, Lutheran Services Florida staff, Refugee Programs, 2017

"I in particular was very pleased with Meg’s presentation and found it to be very helpful. Last year I was experiencing panic/anxiety attacks which caused me to have severe heart palpitations. I found her presentation, in particular the Freeze Frame technique she taught, to be very helpful and to come in handy when we face difficult situations. Unfortunately, we do endure a lot of stress at this job. The stories we hear are very hurtful and can very easily bring one anxiety and stress. (HeartMath) techniques are very helpful for this line of work and for everyday life really. I will be sure to use them and remember what Meg taught us when we face those types of situations."

— Anonymous Injunction For Protection Attorney – Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2020

"I spend a great deal of my work life with people who have experienced emotional and physical traumas. I always thought I was doing a GREAT job of de-stressing myself; that is until I experienced the HeartMath training and saw how irregular my heart rhythm was when I talked about general stress. I did a mini-study, recording my heart rhythm using the Inner Balance™ Bluetooth® Sensor in the moments after a session, after meetings, after racing from one thing to another on my schedule. I began practicing Heart-Focused Breathing™ and reliving positive feelings while breathing throughout the day, all the while tracking my heart rhythm. After only a few weeks, I am able to remain in coherence after, what were, stressful events. I am more aware of when I am moving out of coherence and will breathe and shift to a renewing feeling for three minutes to bring myself back into coherence. I’ve also found that events previously resulting in tension and stress are no longer affecting me. I am now using the techniques and technology with my clients, with some amazing results – increased awareness of how stress is affecting their bodies (the visual of their heart rhythm is priceless), and increased skills in de-stressing their bodies. Thanks Meg and HeartMath!"

— Jacqueline Malone, LCSW, ACSW, MSW Family Study Center USF St. Petersburg, FL, 2018

"Handling stressful situations calmly was becoming a challenge for me. I found myself feeling angry and sometimes scared in situations I felt I could not control. I was excited to revisit HeartMath® techniques, with personal mentoring, to gain more control over my reactions to stressful situations. Working with Meg I learned to be more aware of how I felt when stressed and to practice Heart Focused Breathing® throughout the day. Learning to open my heart was amazing! Meg was a good listener and was able to communicate effectively, giving me great examples for application. I would definitely recommend Meg to people who need more effective responses to stress, overwhelm and adversity. "

— Sharon Peress, CEO Coca Fertility, 2021