Youth Programs

Sunshine Secret E-Learning Program for ChildrenSunshine Secret e-Learning Program

The Sunshine Secret™ is a new e-learning program for children ages 3-7 that features the wonderful story and transformative adventures of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the chameleon. It is a fun way children learn about their emotions, and you can feel good about giving children screen time.

Sunshine Secret is a highly interactive program that uses technology to engage children on multiple levels to teach them how to recognize, express and self-regulate their emotions and behavior.

Featuring a variety of interactive activities that are as fun as they are educational, this innovative program gently challenges children. The Heart Shine™ technique and Heart Breathing Pacer™ help children build a solid emotional foundation, positive relationships with family, friends and classmates and self-awareness. Scientific research shows the social-emotional skills the Sunshine Secret teaches are essential for achieving success in school, work and life.

This e-Learning Program is applicable for children in the home or school classroom. Sunshine Secret is child friendly, so once an adult logs in, even young children can easily navigate the program by themselves.

Program highlights:

  • Complete Sunshine Secret Parent and Educator Guide
  • Sunshine Secret story and video
  • Audio and onscreen instructions for children
  • Interactive activities in every chapter
  • Five age appropriate science units
  • Journey map track to your progress
  • Playground, child-friendly access to all activities
  • Parent/Teacher Directory
  • Student certificate of completion

Program Awards:

Winner of Omni Award (Bronze)
Winner of Omni Award
2018 Communicators Award (Gold)
Winner of 2018
Communicators Award
2018 Communicators Award (Silver)
Winner of 2018
Communicators Award

Wild Ride to the Heart GameWild Ride to the Heart Game

(Includes instructions and aids in Spanish. For adults and children ages 4 and above.)

Play it at home or in the classroom

Make a face that shows frustration or happiness. Tell about a time you felt calm or scared. What color would your heart be if it were a color? Those are just a few of the challenges players face in HeartMath's new Wild Ride to the Heart® game, where the first player to reach the heart at the center of the board, wins. But win or lose, the whole family will soon learn the true fun in playing Wild Ride - again and again - is because it makes you feel good in your heart.

Emotional Awareness and Balance

Wild Ride is especially designed to teach children about recognizing, expressing and balancing their emotions. The game incorporates HeartMath's nearly two decades of scientific research and field studies into the physiology of emotions and the intelligence of the heart. For those who are lucky, the journey to the finish will be smooth, but chances are they'll have a Wild Ride as they make funny faces, tell stories and have lots of fun. It's good for the heart.


  • Colorful, illustrated game board
  • Markers for moving around the board
  • Surprise Cards that challenge players to perform various tasks, including:
    • Make faces of different emotions.
    • Describe what makes you feel certain emotions: frustration, disappointment, courage.
    • Practice a simple, but powerful HeartMath emotion-regulation tool called Go to the Heart®.
  • Emotions Definition Cards that explain the meaning of the most common emotions: love, sadness, happiness, anger, calm, and fear.
  • Spinner
  • Two dice: Instead of the spinner, one die may be rolled for moves (the other die is a spare).

Important Features:

  • Can be played at home or in the classroom.
  • Incorporates scientific research of emotions and heart intelligence.
  • Helps children begin to identify and understand their emotions.
  • Helps children in their relationships with family and friends at home, school and play.
  • Can aide in bringing family and friends closer.

Smart Brain Wise HeartSmart Brain Wise Heart

A Highly Effective Social and Emotional Learning Program for Students Ages 9-16

Smart Brain Wise Heart draws on the best of young peoples’ hearts and brains, empowering them to make smarter decisions and improve self-control, academic success and social skills. The latest heart-brain-body neuroscience helps students understand what’s happening inside themselves, and a range of fun and intelligent enrichment activities engages and challenges them. Each of the eight learning units has a video that is essential in the student's learning process.

Blended Online and Adult/Instructor Facilitated Learning

Blended learning combines fully integrated online content with a printed Leader’s Kit and assortment of other materials for enhanced learning. Students can access the complete online course from their computer or tablet. Different strands of instruction deepen the learning experience, including review and discussion, activity worksheets, illustrated articles, practice opportunities, project-based action assignments, learning-based scenario videos and assessments.

Self-Regulation = Emotional Resilience and Self-Security

At the heart of the program are several scientifically validated self-regulation techniques. Each technique builds on the previous one, so that after eight weeks, students who practice, are able to increase their locus of control and self-security - essential underpinnings of mental and emotional health, supportive social relationships and academic success.

Pre and Post Assessments Validate Student Mastery

Using either the online, or print version, 24-question Student Opinion Survey to gauge student progress in three key areas, Positive Affect, Negative Affect and Stress Management. Educators who implement the full course can statistically evaluate student's growth and the program’s effectiveness over several months.

Learning Standards

Many of SBWH’s activities meet the criteria of key standards found in several categories of learning: National Health Education Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Social and Emotional Learning Standards, and Common Core State Standards. Smart Brain Wise Heart also draws on the Collaborative For Academic, Social and Emotional Learning’s five core competencies:

  • Self-Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making

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