Strengthening resilience is a critically important strategy for improving personal and organizational effectiveness and productivity. The health of an organization is reflected by the health and wellbeing of the individuals providing the services.

The HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ workshop is fun and experiential, providing an evidence-based, practical framework of self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that dramatically help individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of stress, challenge, and adversity. Participants learn how to diminish toxicity of stress in the moment, resetting their capacity for resilience and noticeably reducing negative influence of external events and circumstances. The simple, science-based techniques can be used any time, anywhere, to calm reactive emotions.

Sustainability and return on investment are hallmarks of HeartMath Resilience Advantage training. Not a ‘flavor of the month’ program, resilience skills enhance your teams’ ability to incorporate other beneficial initiatives you’ve introduced. I will advise best practices in the design of your workshop experience to provide outcomes of positive impact on the lives of your team, your customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

HeartMath is used in every sector of society – corporate, government, healthcare, athletics, academia, law enforcement and military – stress affects everyone and the resilience tools work across all demographics. The Resilience Advantage Workshop has over 20 modules, valuable for all walks of life, and can be customized for needs of specific audiences.


  • Alignment with organizational goals
  • Increased retention - reduced absenteeism
  • Increased efficiency & productivity
  • Enhanced team relations
  • Reduced healthcare claims costs


  • Prevented operational stress accumulation
  • Increased clarity and focus under pressure
  • Optimized resilience and performance
  • Enhanced ability to maintain situational awareness
  • Improved reaction times and coordination


  • Alignment with facility mission
  • Increased retention - reduced absenteeism
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced team relations
  • Greater balanced care vs over care 


  • Maximum concentration, focus & mental clarity even under pressure
  • Improved motor coordination, reaction speeds & endurance levels
  • Reduced muscle tremors
  • Perceptual clarity, better decision making on & off the field / course / court
  • Team coherence – increased intuitive synchronization with other team members
  • Self regulation of fear, performance anxiety, worry & frustration


  • Reduced stress from peer pressure
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Improved study skills
  • Greater retention of information
  • Improved test scores


‘'Meg is outstanding!!! Her advice was detailed, on point, and grounded in experience. As a professional trainer, it is rare to come across someone who adds so much value. She ROCKS!!! I definitely want to follow up with her to learn more!''

— Patrick Fouche, 2020

‘‘I in particular was very pleased with Meg’s presentation and found it to be very helpful. Last year I was experiencing panic/anxiety attacks which caused me to have severe heart palpitations. I found her presentation, in particular the Freeze Frame technique she taught, to be very helpful and to come in handy when we face difficult situations. Unfortunately, we do endure a lot of stress at this job. The stories we hear are very hurtful and can very easily bring one anxiety and stress. (HeartMath) techniques are very helpful for this line of work and for everyday life really. I will be sure to use them and remember what Meg taught us when we face those types of situations.’

— Anonymous Injunction For Protection Attorney – Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2020

‘Before learning HeartMath techniques for increasing resilience, I had many challenges identifying and proactively targeting areas of my life that caused me stress and negatively affected my well-being. Having gone through several years of psychological training for building my mental resilience, I recognized that none of the psychological training methods I had encountered had a fully developed and structured format for easily understanding methods of action. Many of the methods I was using were also not entirely effective or useful for a variety of situations.

Regarding my mental game, I felt very frustrated with how I was progressing because I believed I was doing all the right things and putting in the most effort I could, however, I never experienced any noticeable changes in my emotional resilience.

When I first tried HeartMath I honestly did it to please my coach, for at the time I had become quite frustrated with all the psychology methods I had been using, and believed HeartMath was not going to be any different from a standard psych sesssion.

The first thing I recognized when using HeartMath techniques was that, compared to the other mental resilience methods I was using, targeting emotional resilience was much more comprehensible - as I could see a change in coherence levels and heart rhythms when I encountered depleting or renewing emotions while using HeartMath technology.

HeartMath is different from other methods because it is structured and fully comprehensible. I found that for every stressor I presented to Meg in training sessions, there was always an answer in one exercise or another. As life presents various forms of stress, HeartMath resilience presents a variety of exercises adapted to confront each type of issue in an organized and adaptable fashion.

Since practicing HeartMath, I’ve seen tremendous improvements in my mental performance and overall well being; along with this has come better results. I recommend Meg and resilience coaching to anyone who needs a tangible strategy to experience a break through in any facet of life.’

— S. B. player - USF Men’s Tennis Team

‘‘When first introduced to HeartMath, I had no clue what it was about. After learning some of the techniques, my attention was quickly piqued. Naturally wondering how the techniques would benefit me personally, I soon discovered how the practice could be so useful for my co-workers and myself as a team. Practice of the techniques helps me with every day stress, on the job and at home. I believe this training should be taught in the Police and Fire Academy. The academy teaches signs of stress, but no tools to specifically deescalate the stress, in the moment. I like the HeartMath Resilience training so much, I’ve been teaching the techniques to my wife and practice has helped her think more clearly at work and at home, as well.’’

— Ofc. Albin Quinones - Tarpon Springs Police Dept.

‘‘With 20 plus years of clinical executive experience in roles of CEO/COO/CNE, facilitating change and enhancing organizational clinical and financial indicators of performance, it is with great confidence I recommend Meg Hogan, licensed HeartMath® trainer, and the Resilience Advantage™ program to healthcare organizations seeking sustainable improvement in recruitment and retention of a highly effective workforce delivering superior patient satisfaction.’

— Dr. Revonda Cornell, RN, BSN, MS, Ed.D

‘Thank you Meg for all you have done for us at Cops n Kids. The training and techniques have truly had a positive impact on everyone here. I have also begun to teach some of my family members. Thanks!’

— Josh Casey, Program Director - Cops'n Kids Youth Center Tarpon Springs, FL