Personal coaching is a powerful, effective way to incorporate resilience building skills into your personal routine, specific to your personal goals.

guidebookBuilding Personal Resilience™ is a system of HeartMath tools and techniques that change the way your body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. With practice, automatic stress reactions won’t dictate how you feel, respond or perform, whether personally or professionally. I suggest a 6 to 8 session commitment to discovery, learning and practicing this skill-set for self-care and personal effectiveness. Individuals experience much of the same content shared in The Resilience Advantage™ Workshop, yet personal coaching sessions are unique in that time spent together is customized to your needs, with more time spent on personal application.

One hour sessions are scheduled one to two weeks apart. You receive a comprehensive Guide Book with all content covered in session, step-by-step techniques, and exercises for exploration between sessions.You can choose to take a personal Stress and Well-being Assessment at the beginning and at the completion of coaching sessions. The normed and validated assessment is used to better identify your needs, provide more individual focus for applying the skills, track your progress, and set new goals.


‘I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Meg Hogan and HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ training to others. Meg is a very effective trainer and an OUTSTANDING Coach! She presents information in a professional manner and is very knowledgeable of HeartMath. She stimulates thinking, provides strategies that encourage hope, and a safe space allowing for genuine conversation and healing. The coaching sessions after training were the best experience for me. I definitely felt understood, appreciated and empowered, and honestly reaped benefits of practicing the skills she taught.

I’m confident I’ll continue to use the techniques I learned. I could have read about it and learned some of the techniques, but Meg was the best thing about the training.’

— Dawna Sarmiento, Community Facilitator, Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County